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Better Gossip Girl trailer

This one is about six minutes long, and hits on all the main points of the first book, which is likely a mix of the first episode/story arc.

My thoughts:
Blair: Pretty spot on. She doesn't have the aura of Megan Fox (potential Blair in the aborted movie), but the looks and voice are a good match. I think she can play this well. I'd love to see her unleash the real bitch that I love in Blair.
Serena: Looks quite old and much more...worldly in comparison to the other characters, who mostly have the teenage vibe down. I also pictured her voice to be more soft, and her character a tad more easy-going.
Dan: No shaggy hair, but otherwise he fits the look quite well. He's almost more endearing here than in the books.
Nate: A little too pretty boy with the floppy hair. I picture Nate to be able to go between the upper-class and rugged look a little more easier than this guy.
Chuck: Does the sleazy factor quite well, though I can't see him being as ostentatious and pretentious jerk as he is in the books. (Nor can I see him turning gay, but that's a whole other point).
Jenny: I'll echo the other complaints of Jenny not having curly dark hair and larger boobs, but this girl seems like she can pull it off. She has the right blend of innocence and adulation for the older girls as well.
Rufus: Good on the scruffy artist vibe, but he almost looks like Dan's older brother rather than their father!
Lillian: She and Serena look a lot like mother and daughter, and I'm intrigued to see what kind of role she'll play here, considering she's not part of the books much. Love interest for Rufus, perhaps?
Kati & Isabel: Totally different looks -- Kati is Asian, instead of blonde, for one. They do the
simpering act well, and seem glued to their sidekicks and the GG site. Got that one right!

I have mixed feelings about the Gossip Girl's uber-narrator role. On the clips on the CW site, her take on the situation seems to pop up a lot more often than she does in the books, voicing over almost all of the incidents. Kirsten Bell does the voice though, and it comes across well.

The absence of Vanessa is curious, as is the solid inclusion of minor characters like Kati, Isabel, and potentially even Rain Hostetter. I wonder what they have planned, but I know I'll be watching. The combination of Josh Schwartz (The OC) and Amy Sherman (Gilmore Girls) seems like a great fit to me.

What do you guys think? I can't wait!
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