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hello [18 Nov 2010|12:30am]

HEY!! thought you will like to know that Candi_Cruz its now live on dirtystage watch it now.. don miss it!

[25 Jul 2010|09:40pm]

01 - 31 Gossip Girl, 32 - 38 Vanessa Hudgens (w/ Brittany Snow), 39 - 62 Leighton Meester (+ 1 wallpaper)

more here @ neednostarbucks 

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GossipGirlShow.com is just for you! [01 Dec 2009|02:39pm]

Hey Gossip Girl Community!!

We’re pretty impressed with your dedication to the show and we want to let you know about a great new site, GossipGirlShow.com, to share your GG chatter with other fans like you. With Top 10 lists, fashion bests and worsts, Gossip Girl style guides, and the latest spolers, and killer gossip about your favorite celebrities like Leighton Meester, Chace Crawford, and Blake Lively, GossipGirlShow.com is the destination to get your Gossip Girl fix. This is your invitation to come check us out and meet other fans like yourself.

Don’t forget to leave us some feedback too in our forums... ’cuz gossip’s only fun if it’s shared. See you there and tell your friends!


Gossip Girl Show
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Ed Westwick Icontest [19 May 2009|05:59pm]


Hope its ok to put this here.


A new icontest for Ed Westwick. edicontest

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New York, New York | a Gossip Girl RPG [19 May 2009|08:51am]


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[22 Mar 2009|12:07am]

1-3 Ida Maria
4-8 Gossip Girl
9-21 Lost
22-32 Lost cast
33-35 Prison Break

at my journal
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Remember to Breathe | A Brand New Gossip Girl RPG [09 Oct 2008|08:53pm]

Hey guys! I'm the creator/admin on a brand spanking new Gossip Girl RPG, just opened last week. We've got 25 members, growing daily, and we'd love some more! We are still looking for canon characters, including Nate Archibald, Dan Humphrey, Jenny Humphrey, and some original canons. Feel free to check it out!!

user posted image

Welcome to Manhattan. The city that never sleeps. A city of hopes and dreams, secrets and scandals. It seems everyone has a hidden life that they'd do anything to keep secret. Whether it's the straight edge girl making out with the local female slut behind her boyfriends back or the most unlikely of people hooking up in the back of a limo, everyone has something to hide.

And one person is there to discover it all and expose it to the world. The anonymous blogger that is known exclusively as Gossip Girl. Make sure you watch your back. There's a little Gossip Girl in all of us, and you never know if you friend is actually your friend or someone who would like to see you topple off your high platform. Gossip Girl will be waiting at the bottom, eager to snap your picture and plaster your face on her blog. After all, you're no one til you are talked about.

What will you do? Will you be true to yourself and your friends? Or will you expose the secrets you learn just to get a step ahead of the game? Make sure you are ready to play game though. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Can you survive the hell we call every day life? Or will you succumb and tumble down like the rest of the wannabes?

I know you are intrigued. How could you not be? Envy us, we're the arrogant, beautiful, and filthy rich. You know you love me. Go ahead, take your next step and remember to breathe.

user posted image

Rules :: Canons :: Face Claims :: Board Recap :: Advertise with RTB :: Affiliate with RTB

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New Gossip Girl Community [07 Sep 2008|01:52am]

Looking for a new Gossip Girl role play? Have a Gossip Girl role play that you need members for? We all know what a pain it is. Trying to find just the right RP that fits you. Having to look in twenty million different places. Look no further. Gossip Girl RPGD offers a place for all Gossip Girl RP's to advertise. Even if you are looking for an RP to accept your character, you are welcome to post here!
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bair and nate community??? [28 Mar 2008|10:04am]

hey everyone,

so i was thinking of starting a
and nate community
, as i think that 
they are the best couple ever!
what does everyone think?

let me know.

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[03 Feb 2008|04:58pm]



Gossip Girl - 5 icons
Heroes - 6 icons
Buffy - 5 icons
The OC - 10 icons

all here

Comments are greatly appreciated, even if you're just looking. If taking, please credit :)
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omg! [10 Jun 2007|02:33am]


lately Ive been reading all the gossip girl books, theyre so good, Im super excited to hear that there is a tv show coming out! I can hardly waittt

oh! and I havent been able to find all the books at a book store, I've been getting them from the library, buut I was just wondering if anyone wanted to swap books so then we could all read them all! I have the first book, in perfect condition, it was only read once or twice maybe so if anyone is interested in swapping please let me know!

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Better Gossip Girl trailer [28 May 2007|11:07pm]


This one is about six minutes long, and hits on all the main points of the first book, which is likely a mix of the first episode/story arc.

My thoughts:
Blair: Pretty spot on. She doesn't have the aura of Megan Fox (potential Blair in the aborted movie), but the looks and voice are a good match. I think she can play this well. I'd love to see her unleash the real bitch that I love in Blair.
Serena: Looks quite old and much more...worldly in comparison to the other characters, who mostly have the teenage vibe down. I also pictured her voice to be more soft, and her character a tad more easy-going.
Dan: No shaggy hair, but otherwise he fits the look quite well. He's almost more endearing here than in the books.
Nate: A little too pretty boy with the floppy hair. I picture Nate to be able to go between the upper-class and rugged look a little more easier than this guy.
Chuck: Does the sleazy factor quite well, though I can't see him being as ostentatious and pretentious jerk as he is in the books. (Nor can I see him turning gay, but that's a whole other point).
Jenny: I'll echo the other complaints of Jenny not having curly dark hair and larger boobs, but this girl seems like she can pull it off. She has the right blend of innocence and adulation for the older girls as well.
Rufus: Good on the scruffy artist vibe, but he almost looks like Dan's older brother rather than their father!
Lillian: She and Serena look a lot like mother and daughter, and I'm intrigued to see what kind of role she'll play here, considering she's not part of the books much. Love interest for Rufus, perhaps?
Kati & Isabel: Totally different looks -- Kati is Asian, instead of blonde, for one. They do the
simpering act well, and seem glued to their sidekicks and the GG site. Got that one right!

I have mixed feelings about the Gossip Girl's uber-narrator role. On the clips on the CW site, her take on the situation seems to pop up a lot more often than she does in the books, voicing over almost all of the incidents. Kirsten Bell does the voice though, and it comes across well.

The absence of Vanessa is curious, as is the solid inclusion of minor characters like Kati, Isabel, and potentially even Rain Hostetter. I wonder what they have planned, but I know I'll be watching. The combination of Josh Schwartz (The OC) and Amy Sherman (Gilmore Girls) seems like a great fit to me.

What do you guys think? I can't wait!
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[19 May 2007|04:42pm]

So in case anyone wasn't already aware-the CW is going to be airing the GOSSIP GIRL TV SHOW next fall!  



My thougts on the casting choices:

serena-she's ok, could be a little prettier, taller, special etc.

blair-also ok, something is a little off about her though. 

nate-pretty good! i dont like the hair though

dan-also pretty good but maybe a little TOO cute, however, his voice is PERFECT.  i dunno i think it just fits exactly how ive heard it in my head while reading haha

jenny-SO BAD! wheres the curly hair and the huge boobs!? what the hell were they thinking? she's practically prettier than serena in the show which is obviously NOT what her character is supposed to look like.

Also apparently, they actually CUT OUT Vanessa's character from the show.  i dont understand why but its pretty stupid.
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new book [02 May 2007|09:47pm]


I haven't gotten the new book yet, but i was reading a couple posts down and i see that GG may be reporting on a new crowd? I don't know what I"m gonna do without Blair, Sarena and Nate in my life!! I guess I can live without Vanessa and Dan, but it still would be nice to know where the heck they end up! Let's hope that movie is still in the works!!

you kow you love all of us!!

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[23 Apr 2007|11:05pm]

ah this community is dead! does no one read the books anymore?! well anyway, the most recent book, i think #11 just came out and i finished reading it a few days ago! apparently the next book will be a PREQUEL and after that no more blair, serena and the gang because gossip girl will be reporting on the next generation.  ill admit i love the GG characters so i dont know if ill still enjoy the series without them but i will at least read the first one in this new spin off and see how it like it.  im pretty sure it will still have the whole gossip girl theme going on with those blog things.
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[11 Jul 2006|11:03am]

I recently found these icons i made a whileeee gao saved and i figured i would post them and see if anyone wanted them. they are only of the first few books becasue that was all that was out back when i made them haha.

some examples:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

here is the link to the rest:


Just let me know if you're taking any!
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[17 May 2006|07:00pm]

So, who has read The It Girl (the Jenny spin-off series)?

the second one just came out, it wasnt supposed to be out until June-something but I got it 2 days ago. What are some thoughts about it?

Personally, I like them. Even though I dont like Jenny's character too much, she was never one of my favorites from Gossip Girls, she's ok in these books but i really like almost all of the other characters.

ps. If anyone reads the comments be warned that there may be spoilers.
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[18 Apr 2006|03:54pm]

Its not supposed to come out til may 10 but I work at barnes and noble so I've been checking everytime I work to see if the date got pushed up because it usually does and yesterday it said we had them in! They weren't on the floor so I had to check the back room but it was there =) I'm about to start reading now! I don't know if every bookstore will have it now but definetely check it out! And if you can't find it ask them to check the back.


Also, its not the last book =) at the end it says watch for the next book in october.
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[14 Jan 2006|07:43pm]

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GG #9! [23 Nov 2005|06:27pm]


Only In Your Dreams (Gossip Girl Series #9)

Pub. Date: April 2006
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